My regular teaching load is 11 to 12 hours per semester, which means that pretty much every semester I teach three courses. I usually teach two sections of a lower division course (lately mostly Calculus III) and one higher-level course. For the last five years the latter has either been the History of Mathematics course or the Higher Geometry Course. I have also taught Differential Geometry, Linear Algebra, a short Summer course on Euclid's Elements, as well as three iterations of a History of Early Calculus Seminar.

Office Hours:

My office hours vary from semester to semester. Please see the syllabus for your course. Generally, I am available for help whenever I am in my office. If you want to make sure that I have time for you, please e-mail or call me to set up an appointment.

Research Interests:

I also have a strong interest in collegiate teaching and the use of technology in the classroom. I prefer, however, to stay on the sidelines as far as research into these areas goes.


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