Academical Credentials:

Dutch High School Teacher Certification (Mathematics), Utrecht University (NL), 1996
Ph. D. (Mathematics), Utrecht University (NL), 1993
Masters' (Mathematics), Nijmegen University (NL), 1988 (cum laude)

Employment History:

Sept. 00 - present
Continuing contract as Lecturer, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Maine (UMaine)
Sept. 97 - June 00
Three-year contract as Instructor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Maine (UMaine)
Sept. 96 - June 97:
One-year contract as Visiting Instructor at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, North Georgia College & State University (NGCSU)
Oct. 95 - Jun. 96:
Part-time Instructor, Teacher Training College Utrecht, College System Utrecht
Oct. 93 - Apr. 95:
Project Coordinator at Computer Algebra Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Aug. 93 - Oct. 93:
Part-time staff at Computer Algebra Netherlands (Amsterdam)
Feb. 88 - Dec. 92:
Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Utrecht University (NL)
Sept. 83 - Jun. 87:
Various Undergraduate Teaching Positions, Nijmegen University (NL)

Current Legal Status:

Dutch Citizen; Permanent US Resident since October 2002.

Professional Activities:

AP-Calculus Reader (eight days annually)
"Judge" for Web-based Standard Setting Study for new Precalculus CLEP Exam (a few days during one month)
Co-organizer of a section at the Annual Joint Meeting of MAA and AMS, Phoenix.
Co-organizer of a section and a panel at the Annual Joint Meeting of MAA and AMS, Baltimore.
Development of a first-year student seminar on the history and cultural context of number.
Organization of a workshop at the University of Maine on quantitative literacy in the college curriculum with a number of nationally known speakers
Organizer and Instructor of workshop on the use the computer algebra package Maple V, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UMaine
Distance Learning Presentation on the use of the TI-83 via GSAMS, the Georgia Distance Learning Initiative
Two internal sessions for faculty on the use of the TI-83 in statistics, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, NGCSU
Instructional sessions for students on graphing calculator basics, NGCSU
Instruction to North Georgia Area high school teachers on the use of the TI-83 for COMET, the North East Georgia Mathematics Collaborative
Research, consultation, and observation on high school instructional technology usage in the Leeds area and at the School of Education, Leeds University (UK) (two weeks)
Preparation of the Exposition "Descriptive Geometry and Computer Graphics" for the Forum für Informationstechnologie (FfI) in Paderborn (Germany) (three months)
Instructor of "Internet for Historians", a one-day course as part of the EEC-funded First European Honours Course in History of Mathematics.
Organizer of Annual Dutch Society for Mathematics Teachers Holiday Course for Mathematics Teachers.

Awards & Grants:

University of Maine Faculty Technology Grant ($1200)
University of Maine Summer Research Grant ($7500)
(with Paula Petrik) First University of Maine Humanities Prize ($5000)
University of Maine, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Technology Grant ($2500)

Professional Memberships:

History of Science Society
Mathematical Association of America
Canadian Society for the History of Mathematics
Dutch Mathematical Society (Wiskundig Genootschap)
Dutch Society for History of Science, Technology, Medicine and Mathematics
International Study Group on the Relations Between History and Pedagogy of Mathematics

Other Activities:

Membership Coordinator of History of Mathematics Special Interest Group of MAA (HOMSIGMAA: 2002-2005)
Co-editor of Bulletin of Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics (CSHPM)
System Administrator (Dept of Math & Stat, UMaine: 1998-2000)
Graduate Thesis Advisor (two Master's students so far)

Publications & Presentations:

See Publications & Presentations Web Page

Last modified: July 22, 2017